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Navigational Aids (NAVAIDS) and Air Traffic Control (ATC)

Introduction to Radio Facilities supporting Flight of Air Crafts

 Above the Ibaraki prefecture of Japan where Tsukuba Science city is located, Some air routes are assigned and used for deparute and arrival for Tokyo International Airport (Haneda/HND/RJTT) and New Tokyo Inter National Airport(Narita/NRT/RJAA). To support aircrafts fling on these route, there are several Navigational Aids in the prefecture.
Following pages are intened to provide introductory information for such Navigational Aids including their photography.
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Radio Navigational Aids






Equipment and Antenna of Daigo NDB/VORTAC (GO and GOC )


What is ILS
GlidePath/Glide Slope
T-DME(Termila DME)

Misc. Info.

Air Routes and Navigational Aids in Ibaraki Pref.

Name Type of Navaids Location Coordination ID Frequency
AMI VOR/DME Ami, Inashiki gun, Ibaraki (N36 01' E140 13') TLE 116.0MHz/1194MHz
MORIYA VOR/DME Moriya machi, Kitasouma gun, Ibaraki (N35 56' E139 59') SNE 114.0MHz/1174MHz
HYAKURI TACAN Ogawa machi, Higashi Ibaraki Gun, Ibaraki (N35 11' E140 25') HUT 1167MHz
DAIGO NDB Daigo machi, Kuji gun, Ibaraki (N36 46' E140 23') GO 221KHz
DAIGO VOR/DME Daigo machi, Kuji gun, Ibaraki (N36 44' E140 21') GOC 115.3MHz/1187MHz
SEKIYADO VOR/DME Sekiyado machi, Higashi Katsushika gun,Chiba (N36 00' E139 51') SYE 117.0MHz/1204MHz
KUZUMI NDB Narita city, Chiba (N35 50' E140 20') KF 342KHz
AMI NDB Ami machi, Inashiki gun,Ibaraki (N36 01' E140 12') TL 350KHz

 You might be interinsting if you compare such facilities to same facilities in U.S.A.

Related Information/ Navaids in Kinki Dist. (including KIX)

Thanks to KIMERA@Nifty-Serve,Here I offer information of Navaids in Kinki Dist. including KIX/RJBB.

Advanture of Kimera to the NAVAIDS

Air Traffic Control

ATC Frequency

ATC Radio Facilities on the Ground

Airport Information

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