(Since Mar.'97)

I became 70 years old this year, but want to reset the way of my life once again. But it's difficult to reset the way of my life if I do not close my website and blog which continued for 15 years since 1997. Therefore, I close them at an early date.
I don't understand how many years I can live in a future, but I intend to continue a photography and a painting. If a good work was done, I may introduce it in a future.
Thank you for visiting my website for a long time.

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日記欄をブログに移しましたので ココ(http://takuji-s.at.webry.info/) をクリックして下さい。
Diary column was moved to a blog. Please click here(http://takuji-s.at.webry.info/).

I erased the items before 2011 of my blog, and I want to think about a future plan while I reduce frequency of update for a while.