A Selection of Out-Patient Services
FV Hospital Prices


参考資料 Fionaのベトナム「ドックバオ新聞」2005/6/28 『FV病院治療費値下げはなぜ?』

2005/7 改訂 (2004年の資料はこちら

General Practice Consultations
 First Consultation: VND 250,000
 Follow up Consultation: VND 200,000

Paediatrician Consultations
 General Consultation: VND 250,000
 Specialised Consultation: VND 300,000

Specialist Consultation
 First Consultation: VND 300,000
 Follow up Consultation: VND 200,000

 Dental Check: VND 250,000
 Dental Cleaning: VND 500,000

 Opthalmology Consultation: VND 300,000
 including slit lamp exam & visual acuity test

 First Consultation: VND 350,000
 Follow up Consultation: VND 300,000
 Pap smear: VND 170,000

Chest X-ray VND 150,000
Abdominal ultrasound VND 350,000
Standard CT scan VND 650,000
Mammography (bilateral)VND 500,000

Complete blood count VND 50,000
Total cholesterol VND 25,000
Fasting blood glucose VND 25,000
Urinalysis VND 20,000
Prostate screening (PSA) VND 110,000

ECG VND 125,000
Echocardiogram VND 6000,000
Stress Test VND 800,000

Lithotripsy for first Treatnent VND 6,180,000
Lithotripsy for additional Treatments VND 2,320,000

Surgerical Packagey
VND 1,750,000〜38,000,000
Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy, 4 night length of stay VND 12,000,000
Ophthalmology Contract Surgery by Phakoemulsification & Intra-Ocular Lens Setting, 1 Night length of Stay: VND 9,000,000
Plastic Abdominal Liposuction , 2 night length of stay: VND 15,000,000

Hospitalisation(including 3 meals per day)
VND 700,000〜

Double room ( 1bed per night) VND 700,000
Single room (per night) VND 1,200,000
VIP room (per night) VND 2,500,000

FV Hospital Maternity Packages

Prenatal Package
◎ Seven (7) obstetric consultations                  
◎ One (1) anaesthesia consultation                  
◎ Three (3) detailed foetal ultrasound studies            
◎ Regular biological investigations relevant to your pregnancy:
 ・ Complete blood count
 ・ Toxoplasmosis screening
 ・ HIV screening
 ・ Rubeola screening                        
 ・ Syphilis screening
 ・ Hepatitis B screening
 ・ Urinalysis
 ・ Blood type with phenotype
 ・ Detection of agglutinins
◎ Birth preparation classes (4 topics)
Special Price : VND 6,500,000
Additional charges will be incurred for:
・ Amniocentesis studies
・ Medications prescribed during pregnancy
・ Prenatal investigations not specified in package
・Consultations and investigations not related to pregnancy
・Consultations beyond 7 included in package

Standard Delivery Package(OBS-24)
◎ Delivery suite charges
・ Delivery suile use
・ Medical Equipment use
・ Maternal and foetal monitoring
・ Midwife charge
◎ Doctor fees
・ All deliveries are carried out in the presence of a gynaecologist
・ Episiotomy
◎ Blood testing
- Complete blood count
- Toxoplasmosis screening
- HIV screening
- Hepatitis B screening
- Coagulation testing
- Urinalysis
- Blood type with phenotype
◎ Medication (oxytocin, Spasfon, IV perfusion)
Special Price : VND 8,000,000
Additional charges will be incurred for:
・Additional procedures such as : epidural anaethesia, forceps, multiple births, caesarean
section, etc..
・Neonatal intensive care if necessary
・Hospitalisation nights
・Post - delivery medications
・Paediatric care if required

Comprehensive Delivery Package−4 nights stay (OBSP09)
1 . Delivery suite charges
・ Delivery suite use
・ Medical euipment use
・ Maternal and fetal monitoring
・ Midwife charges
・ Post-partum paediatric examination
・ Medication :
 (Oxytocin, spasfon, IV perfusion)
・ Blood testing
- Complete blood count
- Toxoplasmosis screening
- HIV screening
- Hepatitis B screening
- Coagulation testing
- Urinalysis
- Blood type with phenotype

2. Anaesthesia
・ Epidural anaesthesia

3 . Doctor fees
・ Obstetrician fees for supervision of delivery and in-patient visits
・ Anaesthesiologist fees
・ Paediatrician fees for examination and in- atient visits

4. Hospitalisation charges - 4 nights
・ Semi-private room charges
・ In-room cradle for baby to stay wifh mofher
・ Meals from the regular menu
・ 24-hour midwife and nursing charges
・ Instruction on breast feeding and newborn care
・ Service charges (cable TV, airconditioning, nurse call system, etc... )
・ Specified c9nsumables (diapers, feeding botfles, baby shampoo, sanitary pads)

5. Free first post-maternity's consultation

Special Price: VND 12,500,000
Additional charges will bo incurred for:
・ Additional procedures fmultiple births, caesarean section, etc)
・ Neonatal Intensive Care or Intensive Care, if necessary
・ Hospitalisation for additional nights beyond the number specified in the package
・ Upgrade to Private or VIP room
・ Overnight guest charges
・ Personal items such as in-room refreshments, telephone charges, and meals for visitors
・ Medlcations and consumables to be taken home after discharge

All prices are subject to change without prior notice