2002 - 2003 ACADEMIC YEAR
Pupil Year Registration Fee Tuition Fees EAL Fee
Born Between Level Annual Instalment (3x) (per term)
01/09/97 - 31/08/98 Reception 1000 5900 2200 600
01/09/96 - 31/08/97 Year 1 1000 7500 2800 600
01/09/95 - 31/08/96 Year 2 1000 7500 2800 600
01/09/94 - 31/08/95 Year 3 1000 8500 3200 600
01/09/93 - 31/08/94 Year 4 1000 8500 3200 600
01/09/92 - 31/08/93 Year 5 1000 8500 3200 600
01/09/91 - 31/08/92 Year 6 1000 8500 3200 600
01/09/90 - 31/08/91 Year 7 1500 9700 3600 600
01/09/89 - 31/08/90 Year 8 1500 9700 3600 600
01/09/88 - 31/08/89 Year 9 1500 9700 3600 600
01/09/87 - 31/08/88 Year 10 1500 10700 4000 600
01/09/86 - 31/08/87 Year 11 1500 10700 4000 600

1.Grade Placement of a Pupil

Placement of a Pupil in a specific year level is dependent on the Pupil's birth date as indicated in the above table and the School's assessment of the Pupil's academic level, maturity and English language ability at the time of enrolment.

2.Registration Fee

The Registration Fee is a non refundable fee payable upon receipt and acceptance by the School of an Admission Agreement for a Pupil. The Registration Fee is paid only once. However, if a Registration Fee has been paid for a Pupil's enrolment in a primary class (Reception to Y6) and the Pupil eventually graduates to Y7, the difference of $500 is payable at that time.

3.Tuition Fees

Parents have the option, prior to the beginning of the academic year, to pay the Tuition Fees either in one lump sum ("Annual Tuition Fee"), or by instalment ("Instalment Tuition Fees"). If parents choose to pay on the basis of Instalment Tuition Fees, the School also requires them to place with the School a non interest bearing deposit equal to one instalment payment ("Deposit") for the whole duration of the academic year. At the end of the academic year, the School will refund the Deposit to parents or, at the parents' request, will keep the Deposit for the subsequent academic year. The Instalment Tuition Fee payments are to be effected on or prior to the following Term dates:

・First Instalment: 26 August 2002
・Second Instalment: 06 January 2003
・Third Instalment: 21 April 2003

Non payment of any Instalment Tuition Fee by the due dates will result in the Pupil being prevented from attending School classes.

4.English as a Additional Language ('EAL') Fees

Parents of a Pupil who, in the School's opinion, requires intensive EAL instruction will need to pay an EAL Fee of $600 per Term, which is due by the dates mentioned in paragraph 3 above.

5.Late Enrolment

If a Pupil is enrolled in our School after the start of the 2002 - 2003 academic year, the applicable tuition fees are as follows:

Pupil enrolls Between Late Enrolment Tuition Fee
Reception Y1 to Y2 Y3 to Y6 Y7 to Y9 Y10 to Y11
26/08/2002 and 18/10/2002 5900 7500 8500 9700 10700
19/10/2002 and 18/12/2002 4900 6500 7500 8700 9700
19/12/2002 and 09/04/2003 3900 5000 6000 7000 7800
10/04/2003 and 04/07/2003 2900 4000 4500 5500 6000

The Late Enrolment Tuition Fee can only be paid in one lump sum prior to the Pupil being accepted by the School .

6.Withdrawal of a Pupil during Academic Year

If a Pupil withdraws from the School during the academic year, the following refund policy will apply:
・Instalment Tuition Fees:
The School will refund 50% of the Deposit to parents. There is no refund of any Instalment Tuition Fee already paid to the School.
・Annual Tuition Fee or Late Enrolment Tuition Fee:
The School will retain an Administration Fee of $1000 and refund any remaining unused portion of the Annual Tuition Fee (or Late Enrolment Tuition Fee as the case may be), such unused portion being calculated on the basis that the 2002 - 2003 academic year has 320 days.
Example: an Annual Tuition Fee of $8500 was paid for a Year 6 Pupil at the beginning of the academic year. The Pupil withdraws from School on 31 March 2003. The refund to the parents will be:


・There is no refund of any EAL Fee already paid to the school.
Parents have the responsibility to fill out the School's standard withdrawal form and to ensure that the School has acknowledged in writing receipt of such withdrawal form in order to obtain a proper refund amount.

7.Payment of Fees

Parents are responsible to pay the applicable School fees before the Pupil can attend School classes. If the parent's employer undertakes to pay the School fees, such employer must send a letter to the School confirming that it is responsible for the payment of the fees. The School must receive this confirmation letter before the Pupil can attend School classes.